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Boxadoo was built to give you everything you need to thrive in homeschooling. With online planning, record keeping and even online collaborative learning, Boxadoo is the most complete homeschool management software.

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Keep Track of Everything

Organize your student's work by subject and store their work digitally in PDFs, images, video, events and common homeschooler activities. Portfolio items can be graded - and a report card of that subject's progress can be viewed anytime. Portfolios also include reading lists, web resource lists and a ReviewFolio so you can see highlights of their work.

Start with robust lesson plans and turn them into portfolio items.

Lesson plan by subject and create robust plans that include task lists, web resources, video, uploaded files and extra space for your notes. Include detailed, media rich plans for you and your student and then turn those into portfolios items to show their work.

Give your student tools for self-paced, independent learning that helps keep them focused and right on task.

Give your student access to a space to log in and see all of the lesson plans which are assigned to them. Have them complete tasks, and even upload completed assignments to you so that you can grade them.

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