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Designed with love for the homeschooling community - to make the journey a little more fun, easy & organized!


Introducing Boxadoo

Boxadoo is a web-app built to help you manage homeschool portfolios, lesson plans, calendars and more!

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Features Overview

Student Portfolios: Store your students' work digitally

Lesson Planning: Create detailed plans for you & your student

Student Portal: Give your student tools for self-paced, independent learning

Event Calendar: Keep track of upcoming and recurring events.

What Boxadoo Users Are Saying

  • Boxadoo is great! It helps my student's handle their work independently and helps me keep track of it all.
  • It's beautiful to use! We love the setup and are looking forward to some of the features you're going to be adding - espcially the student portal!
  • This is a great first step toward managing the life and work of homeschooling. Can't wait to see the full feature set.

From The Blog

Core Values

  • From the beginning, we wanted Boxadoo to be more than just software that helps homeschoolers. We wanted to build a company that was generous toward it's users, partners and the world community. That's why we've pledged to give 5% of every dollar to charities we believe in. Want to keep track of this? Sign up for our newsletter.